How to Decorate with Sage Green Carpets

Sage green, when used in an interior, immediately evokes nature. Decorating with this colour brings an earthy quality into any living space and makes a vibrant statement as a carpet colour. Many contemporary decorating palettes feature this colour, so there are a lot of options for creating a coordinating ensemble of matching furniture and accessories for a sage green carpet. Bring contrasting colours into the space, too, to help your sage green carpet really stand out in the room.

Choose a decorative motif for the room featuring the sage carpet that relates to this specific colour. For example, sage green is often used in Japanese artwork and interiors, so to create a room inspired by that theme, select Asian-influenced furniture and accessories; look to actual Japanese prints for ideas about complementary colours to use elsewhere in the room. Or go with a Western theme and tie in sagebrush motifs.

Locate the room's focal point and make sure that it's adorned with plenty of sage green accents. For example, if there is a fireplace in the room, paint the fireplace front--bricks included--sage green or tile the fireplace surround in a similar hue. This echoes the floor's colours and helps tie these two prominent features together visually.

Paint the walls a contrasting colour if your goal is to create a dramatic space. Popular contrasting colours to sage green are reds---including pinks---oranges and yellows.

Paint accent trims or moulding areas sage green to tie the space together. If you have exposed beams in your ceiling, for example, paint them sage green. Or paint the door and door jambs, windowsills and archways in sage.

Select furniture and accent pieces that feature sage green accents. Buy sage green throw pillows for the couch, a sage green ottoman or curtains with flecks of sage green in them.

Lay down a cream-coloured area rug over the sage carpeting and position your furniture around it to define a seating area and break up the expanse of the sage carpeting in an interesting way. Rugs also draw the eye to the centre of the room---another way to draw attention to other sage accents you have added to the room's focal point.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint
  • Furniture
  • Accent pieces
  • Large cream area rug
  • Sage green accent pieces
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