How to Connect an iPod to an Amplifier

Apple designed its iPod portable media player to play audio through its headphones port. Although this is fine when you're listening to your music alone, you may wish to share your music with friends. Connect the iPod to an amplifier or home stereo to broadcast its music loud and clear for an entire group to enjoy.

Press the "Menu" section of the iPod's front click wheel. Scroll to "Music," and start playing any song. Once the song is playing, drag your finger on the click wheel from right to left to turn down the iPod's volume. Set the volume to half its maximum.

Insert the 3.5mm end of the mini stereo-to-RCA cable into the headphones port on the top of the iPod.

Connect the opposite end of the cable into the amplifier's line-in jack.

Turn on the amplifier, and set its volume to its lowest setting. Gradually increase the amplifier's volume until you're satisfied.


Apple recommends keeping the iPod's volume at 50 per cent of its capacity while connected to the amplifier. This prevents sound audio problems, such as distortion.

Things You'll Need

  • 3.5mm mini stereo-to-RCA adaptor cable
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