How to Adjust the Nose Pads on Eyeglasses

Updated February 21, 2017

When wearing eyeglasses, they should fit comfortably on the bridge of the nose and be secure but not too tight. You should be able to move your head around without them falling down your nose. Some adjustments may need to be made by the eye doctor, but there is a way that you can slightly adjust the fit of the glasses by moving the nose pads.

Put on the eyeglasses and examine the way they fit. The glasses should fit comfortably and line up properly with the wearer's eyes to ensure vision is properly corrected.

Determine how the nose pads need to be adjusted to improve the fit of the glasses.

Adjust the position of the nose pads to change the way the glasses sit on the nose. Gently press the nose pads closer together if you want the glasses to sit higher on the nose. Separate the nose pads slightly if you want the glasses to sit lower on the nose.

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