How to Upload Pictures From a BlackBerry to a Computer

Updated February 21, 2017

BlackBerry cell phones have many advanced features, including built-in cameras. You will likely want to transfer photos you take onto your computer so you can share them or view them on a larger screen. When you take photos with your phone, it stores them either on your device's external storage card, which is an SD card, or on the device's internal memory. The process of transferring your photos differs depending on where you stored your photos.

Plug your BlackBerry into your computer using the BlackBerry connection cable. Wait for your computer to recognise that you have added a new device.

Click the "Start" menu on your computer, and then "My Computer."

Locate and double-click your BlackBerry under "Devices with removable storage" to open the contents of your BlackBerry's SD card.

Open the photo folder in your BlackBerry and drag photos onto your computer's desktop. The photos are transferred to your computer.

Download and install BlackBerry Media Sync (see Resources section). This is a free program that allows you to manage files on your phone and transfer photos from your BlackBerry to your computer.

Connect your BlackBerry to your computer using the BlackBerry connection cable.

Launch "BlackBerry Media Sync" on your computer by clicking "Start," "Programs," "BlackBerry," and "BlackBerry Media Sync."

Click on the "Pictures" tab located at the top of the application. Once this tab has loaded, click "BlackBerry Device Pictures."

Check the "Include Older Pictures" box if you want to import pictures you have previously imported. If you only want to upload newer pictures, don't check this box.

Click the "Import to Computer" button and the pictures are transferred to your computer. Disconnect your device when the import is completed.

Things You'll Need

  • BlackBerry Media Sync (internally stored photos)
  • BlackBerry connection cable
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