How to Tell if a Burberry Trench Is Fake

Updated April 17, 2017

If a bargain-priced Burberry trench seems too good to be true, it probably is. You should closely examine the details of the trench coat to determine if it is authentic or if it's a knock-off that isn't worth the bargain. In general, don't rely on the label and tags alone, which can be fake. Instead, evaluate the quality of the material and the details of the print.

Take a close look at the colours. The most obvious way to spot a fake Burberry trench is to compare the colours of the classic Burberry print to the garment. The plaid should include a light tan, white, navy, and red. Any other colours, such as green, yellow or brown, are not authentic.

Look for inconsistencies in the plaid design. The Burberry plaid should be symmetrical and line up evenly at seams. The pattern should always be continuous.

Check the stitching of the fabric with a magnifying glass.The stitches should be high-quality and even. Loose stitching can indicate a fake.

Look at the exact pattern of the plaid. The true Burberry pattern is three faint navy stripes crossing each other with white in between the lines. If there are only two stripes or more than three, it is not authentic.

Examine the label under a magnifying glass. It should be sewn on neatly. The lettering can also indicate if it is authentic. The Burberry letters have serifs and the tails of the Rs should be slightly upturned.


Buy from Burberry dealers. Evaluate the weight and quality of the material. Have an authentic Burberry to compare with the new garment.


Remember that high prices don't mean the coat is authentic.

Things You'll Need

  • Bright light
  • Ruler
  • Magnifying glass
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