How Do I Clean Clogged Inkjets on My HP 1210 Printer?

Updated July 19, 2017

The HP PSC 1210 is an inkjet printer with the ability to scan pictures and create colour copies, making it an "all-in-one" printer. With all of this added functionality to a printer, it is natural that the printing device might see a great deal of use, and occasionally, ink build-up and heat will cause small dots or lines to be missing in your printed output. Clean the clogged ink cartridges of your HP PSC 1210 to remove ink build-up if print quality begins to suffer.

Open the front door of the printer, located below the scanner lid, by swinging it down. The print cartridges will move to a position where they can be accessed.

Unplug the printer to prevent the cartridge dock from moving away from the centre of the printer.

Press an ink cartridge down until you feel a "click," then pull it out of the dock.

Dip a cotton swab in distilled water and use it to clean any built-up ink from the metal contacts on the ink cartridge and from the area around the ink nozzle. Avoid touching the nozzle itself, which is located in the centre of the bottom of the cartridge. Discard the cotton swab if it becomes dirty, and use another to continue cleaning. Keep cleaning until the ink cartridge is no longer dirty, then set the ink cartridge aside.

Remove the second ink cartridge and repeat the cleaning process. Set both cartridges aside until they are completely dry.

Replace an ink cartridge by holding it slightly below the dock, then pushing it up and in until it snaps into place. Do the same with the second cartridge. The black cartridge is inserted into the right slot on the dock, while the colour cartridge is inserted into the left slot.

Close the front door of the printer, plug the printer back in, and turn it on.

Things You'll Need

  • Cotton swabs
  • Distilled water
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