How to attach stockings to garter

Updated February 21, 2017

Garters and stockings don't only look sexy--they make you feel sexy as well. When donning them for the first time, however, it's easy to feel more awkward and confused than sexy. The garters should have a little rubber knob and a hook that goes around it. Some belts have only four garters--two on each side--while others have as many as eight. The more garters your belt has, the easier it will be for your stockings to stay up.

Put the garter belt on. It should be tight enough to stay up, but not so tight as to create bulges. Be sure that the belt is straight. If you have a four-strap garter belt, there should be one strap in the front and back for each leg. Those with more straps will be spread out over the legs, but they should be evenly spaced on both legs.

Put on one stocking. Carefully roll the stocking up your leg. If your stocking has a seam, straighten the line along the back of your leg.

Place the stocking over the garter bump on the front suspender.

Slip the metal loop around the bump and stocking. This secures the front part of the stocking.

Attach the back garter. Follow the procedure in steps 3 and 4 to attach the back garter.

Repeat for the other stocking.

Adjust the garter straps, if necessary. If the garters are too loose, your stockings will begin to slip. Tighten them so that they sit securely at the top of your thighs.


If using lined stockings, you might want to attach the back garter first to better keep the seam straight. Wear gloves while putting on stockings to avoid snagging them on a nail or dry skin.

Things You'll Need

  • Garter belt
  • Stockings
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