How to Spot Fake Chanel Handbags

Updated April 17, 2017

The Chanel line features exclusive high-quality bags whose design, manufacture and distribution are strictly controlled. Everybody loves a bargain, but unfortunately in the world of Chanel bargains don't exist. This has given rise to many fake Chanel bags flooding the market. Some fakes are made so well it's actually difficult to tell the difference. However, with a few careful observations you'll be able to differentiate between your dream Chanel bag and some knock-off.

Check the price. Chanel bags range from approximately £325 to over £1,950 new. The bags are never sold at discounted prices, so if you're offered a new bag at a low price it's most likely a fake.

Inspect the fabric. Chanel bags are made from high-quality calfskin, while most replica bags are made from lambskin. The brand seldom uses ostrich, alligator or snakeskin in the manufacture of bags.

Understand that extra attachments like purses aren't included with Chanel bags except for the Coco Cabas bag, which does include a matching make-up pouch. If a seller tries to entice you with "extras," then it's a fake.

Take a closer look at the hardware. Zipper pulls should have the double-C logo embossed on them, a detail counterfeiters often skip to save on manufacturing costs. The screws on the back of the closure should be flathead screws; counterfeiters usually use Phillips screws.

Inspect the logo. Authentic Chanel bags have an interlocking C logo; counterfeit bags may have the logo inverted or the two Cs placed side by side.

Avoid bags with tags. Chanel bags have an authenticity card included, so there is no need for tags.

Examine the authenticity card and hologram sticker on the bag. The serial numbers on the hologram sticker and authenticity card should be identical. The hologram sticker should have a crisscross pattern and the authenticity card should be black and gold.


Purchase at a reputable retailer. Chanel distributes its products at exclusive high-end boutiques and stores. They cannot be sold at wholesale prices or purchased at discount stores. Always purchase with a credit card, so if you have been tricked into purchasing a fake you are more likely to get your money back.

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