How to Spot a Fake Designer Purse

Updated April 17, 2017

There are many fake designer purses on today's market. As producers become better at making replica purses, it can be difficult to tell fake designer purses from the real things. You don't want to unknowingly purchase a fake. Save yourself trouble and money by learning how to spot a fake designer purse.

Study photographs of authentic designer purses from the designers' original sites. Specific characteristics will vary from brand to brand, so you should thoroughly verse yourself in the particular brand you are shopping for. Look at photos of the purse for sale and then compare those to photos of the brand's authentic purses. There should be no differences between the various photos. If you notice any design differences, the purse in question is a fake.

Examine the purse's materials. Designer purses are high-end items made from top-notch materials. If the bag's material appears thin, flimsy, overly slick or cheap, then the purse is probably not authentic.

Look at the hardware of the purse. Designer purses will feature high-quality hardware. All the zippers, buckles, clasps, pulls and buttons will be sturdy and somewhat heavy. If the purse's hardware is lightweight, flimsy, mismatched or cheap, then it is not likely to be an authentic designer purse.

Observe the interior lining of the purse. Make sure the pattern, colour and quality match the photos of the authentic purse. Oftentimes, replicas feature different linings, thus exposing themselves as fakes.

Examine the purse's logo and label. Fake purses commonly have misspellings and typos. If the logo or label is at all different from the authentic photos, you are undoubtedly dealing with a fake.

Check the packaging. Most designer purses come with dust bags. Confirm that the dust bag and the packaging match what the brand normally gives.

Study the stitching on the purse. If there are any loose threads, or uneven and sloppy stitching, do not purchase the bag. Designer purses are carefully made using excellent craftsmanship. Sloppy stitching is a sure sign of a fake.

Consider the source. Authorised retailers of designer bags are normally upscale department stores. If purchasing from such a place, you can rest assured the purse is real. If purchasing from auction sites, thoroughly read the seller's feedback. Negative feedback, particularly in relation to selling fake purses, is plenty of reason to stay away. Never purchase designer purses from street vendors, as they will not be authentic.


Look for any glue on the purse. On replica purses, the materials are often glued together prior to being sewn. True designer purses will never feature any glue or glue residue.


Never purchase a purse online unless you see photos of the actual purse. If the seller is using stock photos, beware.

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