How to open the shs file extension

Updated February 21, 2017

A file with the SHS extension is a hidden file created by Microsoft Office products in earlier versions. Office 2010 does not create files with the SHS extension as they pose a security risk to your system. The file contains data that you drag and drop among other Office files, such as when you transfer a graph into a Word document. These files are scrap files. You cannot open one by clicking on it, as you can with most files. Instead, you must drag and drop the file into a Microsoft program to see what the file contains.

Open a Microsoft Office product on your computer, using a version from 2007 or earlier. Use "File," and then "New" to open a new document or workbook, for example, into which to place the file with the SHS file extension.

Click on the file to highlight it, and then drag it into the open document or workbook.

Drop the file into the document or workbook. The contents display so that you can view what scraps were stored in the file.


Files with the SHS file extension may not display the extension in some systems.


Be careful when opening .SHS files as they have been known to carry viruses.

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