How to make wind sock lines

Updated April 14, 2018

Wind socks are bright three-dimensional hollow figures made of ripstop nylon fabric. They can be attached to house porches, hung from poles in the yard or attached to kite lines as line laundry. When caught by the wind, wind socks float on the air and spin around in a colourful display. The best way to attach a wind sock and keep the line from knotting up is to use a wind sock line. This special line has swivel hooks on each end to allow the wind sock to spin without tangling.

Measure the distance that you want your wind sock to fly from where it will be attached. If you are attaching line laundry to a kite line, you may only want 6 inches, but if you are posting the sock on a pole, the distance can go as far as 3 feet. Add 4 inches to the measured distance, and cut a piece of kite line that long.

Slip one free end of the kite line through the circular loop in a swivel hook. Bring the line back toward itself. Wrap the free end of the line around the longer end five times. Bring the free end back toward where you first slipped the end into the swivel hook loop. Push the free end directly under where you first began making the five wraps, and then pull tightly. You have tied the swivel hook with a fisherman's clinch knot.

Attach another swivel hook to the other end of the kite line using the same knot. Trim off loose ends of kite line after you have pulled the knots very tightly.


To keep your line laundry in place on a kite line, attach the swivel hook to the line with a lark's head knot.


Do not use regular string with this project. Kite line is specially made to withstand high winds and repeated tugging.

Things You'll Need

  • Kite line
  • Scissors
  • Swivel hooks
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