How to Take Care of a Laventera Mallow Plant

hibiscus image by Christophe Fouquin from

The Lavatera Mallow plant, also called the Rose Mallow plant, is often mistaken for a hibiscus plant since the flowers are similar. Lavatera Mallow is an annual plant and can reach heights of 4 feet. It blooms in the fall with pink and white blossoms.

Because it grows so high, it is recommended to plant Lavatera Mallow along the borders and fences of the garden or back yard.

Sow Lavaera Mallow seeds 1/8 inch below the surface in the summer once the temperature stays consistently over 21.1 degrees Celsius.

Plant the seeds in an area that receives lots of direct sunlight.

Water the plant weekly and fertilise every two weeks.

Tie the stem to gardening stakes to help the plant grow tall and straight.

Remove any dead branches or leaves as the plant grows.

Prune the plant to 10 inches in the early spring, cutting off any winter and frost damage.