How to make wooden clothesline props

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Keep clothes clean while they dry outside on the line by making wooden clothesline props. Wooden clothesline props stop a sagging line from being weighted down by wet clothes. Long clotheslines tend to dip down low in the centre when they are loaded to capacity.

Positioning a wooden prop adds support to the clothesline so clean clothing stays off the ground. You can fashion an inexpensive wooden prop in a few minutes from long pieces of scrap wood.

Measure the height at the ends of the clothesline to determine the height that the prop will need to lift the line. Measure the length of the line and plan for one wooden prop for every 8 to 10 feet of clothesline.

Select straight wood pieces and sturdy branches that are at least 2 inches longer than the height of the line's end. Remove all the bark from branches so they are stripped to the clean wooden surface.

Draw a notch that is 2 inches deep and 1 inch wide in one end of the wood plank with a pencil. Branches with a natural division in one end do not need an additional notch.

Cut out the notch or trim the branch if necessary with a saw. Sand the surfaces of the wood pieces until they are smooth and free of splinters.

Position the clothesline props every 8 to 10 feet on an empty line before it is loaded with wet clothing.