How to Tie a Clothes Line to the Pole

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It's easy to see why old-fashioned clothes lines have come back into fashion -- they're inexpensive, cost nothing to use and save energy compared to a tumble dryer. A machine dryer uses a lot of energy, so switching to line drying can knock several dollars off of your monthly utility bill. With line drying having been out of style in cities and suburbs for so long -- some neighbourhoods have even prohibited clotheslines for aesthetic reasons -- you may not have learnt how to tie a clothesline growing up. It's a simple task.

Tie a taught line knot around the pole. Wrap the line around the pole and cross the shorter end under the long end. Pull the short end through the opening two times. Take the end of the rope and cross it over the long end below the two loops. Pull the end through the opening and tighten. Slide the knot up toward the pole to secure it.

Take the long end of the line over to the second pole and tie another taught line knot around it. The knots can be loosened and tightened by sliding them to adjust the height of the line. Trim the ends of the line if necessary.

Tie a clothes line to a set of T-poles by making a overhand knot -- like the first knot you make when tying your shoe -- and doubling it. Thread the line through opposite the eyelet on the other pole, then thread though the eyelet next to it and back to the first pole, repeating until all eyelets are threaded. Tie the end in a double overhand knot.

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