How to attach curtain hooks to rings

Updated April 17, 2017

Few people think to be creative in their use of curtain hardware beyond their selection of the style and design of the hardware itself. Both curtain hooks and curtain rings can be used alone to affix curtains to a rod. You can also combine them to create a unique look for your window treatments.

Choose a style and design for your curtain rod and rings that are appropriate for your room’s overall decor. Curtain rings are available in wood or iron and come in several sizes. The rod and rings should be appropriate for the type and weight of your curtains as well. You wouldn’t choose, for example, a large, heavy curtain ring to hang lightweight sheer curtains.

Select curtain rings that come with an eyelet. There are curtain rings without eyelets and ones with removable clips. You can buy rings with removable clips if desired; however, you won’t need to use hooks with that type of ring. The eyelet is used to affix the hook on which curtains will be hung.

Determine the number of rings you’ll need to buy based on the width of your curtain panel. Curtain hooks are usually used to hang traditional pinch-pleat curtains. Count the number of pleats on each panel to determine exactly how many rings you need. Be sure to buy two additional rings for the ends of each panel to ensure that the panel hangs properly on each side.

Buy one or more packs of curtain hooks. Check the package to determine whether there are enough hooks for your needs. Select single-cast hooks if your fabric is lightweight or double-cast hooks for heavier curtains. Be sure the eyelet on your curtain ring is large enough to accommodate insertion of a double-cast hook.

Holding one end of the curtain rod, thread all the rings onto the rod. For ease of hanging, you might want to hang the rod onto the wall before actually affixing the curtains and hooks. Use a step ladder and get help from a friend if needed. Ensure the rod assembly is stable before attempting to add the curtains.

Take a curtain panel and attach a hook to each pinch-pleat by inserting the hook from the back of the panel into each pleat. Ensure that the metal hook is not visible from the front of the curtain and that all the hooks have been inserted into pleats at about the same distance so the curtain hangs uniformly. Using your step ladder again, hang the curtains with hooks through each ring eyelet. Adjust the curtains to your desired look.

Things You'll Need

  • Curtain rings with eyelets
  • Metal hooks
  • Curtain rod
  • Drapes
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