How to make rosettes in curtain scarfs

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Rosettes add a decorative flair to swag curtains that drape to frame a window. The usual swag material is a lightweight curtain scarf. Many designers layer a swag curtain over traditional curtains, creating a multilayered window treatment.

Located at the top corners of a window, curtain scarf rosettes can feature either a fan shape or a knotted bow.

Fan-shaped rosettes

Install tulip swag holders, one at each corner of the window.

Fold swag fabric in half, and mark the middle of the fabric with a safety pin.

Drape the fabric, making sure to line the safety pin up with the middle of the window.

Adjust the swag so that the middle drapes as desired, and make sure you have equal lengths of fabric on each side.

Use twist ties at the swag holders on each corner to temporarily secure the swag in place. This prevents pulling the curtain off centre when forming the rosettes.

Open the tulip swag holder grip on one side of the window.

Pull approximately 45 cm (18 inches) of fabric through the tulip swag holder. Pull the fabric from the part of the curtain hanging down, not the centre. This creates the fan loops.

Close the grip. Pull the fabric up, and fan it out to create a rosette.

Repeat on the other side of the window.

Remove twist ties and safety pin.

Knotted rosette

Install hooks at each point around the window that you wish to install a rosette. For example, you could feature a rosette at each corner or multiple rosettes across the entire length of the window.

Fold the curtain in half, and mark the middle with a safety pin.

Drape the curtain across the hooks, keeping the safety pin in the centre of the window and adjusting the curtain to how you want it to hang.

Twist tie the curtain at each of the hooks to hold the curtain in place. Use neutral or matching twist ties, as these ties will hold the rosettes in place.

Tie a simple knot in the corner, using the length of swag hanging down the side. Secure to the hook with a twist tie underneath the knot. Fluff the knot to create a rosette.