How to Get the Wrinkles Out of Voile

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Voile is a fabric used in a number of applications, but most frequently apparel such as dresses. It is often a combination of fibres, such as cotton, polyester and silk. It is typically lightweight and can be delicate. This fabric is ideal for hot weather, because it is light. It can be used for window treatments, as well. Getting wrinkles out of this fabric should be somewhat easy, but you must take care to prevent burns and tears.

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Use a steam iron and turn it on the lowest setting for silk voile. Wait until the iron is heated.

Place the press cloth on top of the fabric. Gently and lightly place the iron over the cloth-covered area.

Use smooth and somewhat quick arm movement. To prevent scorching, keep the iron moving so it never stays in one place too long.

Remove the press cloth and see if your iron has smoothed out the wrinkles. Repeat until you have removed the wrinkles from the entire garment or fabric.

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