How to Delete Old Databases & Restore Listings in Turbo Lister

Written by daniel hatter | 13/05/2017

Turbo Lister is a software program designed and distributed by eBay, Inc. Available free from eBay's website, Turbo Lister is very popular because users can conveniently store limitless copies of posted listings and templates, and upload listings directly to eBay. At the initial installation of Turbo Lister, users enter their eBay account information and sync the program with the eBay site. Users also have the ability to backup their user database (which includes all saved listings) and restore listings from databases. Deleting old databases and restoring listings are simple operations.

Press the "Start" menu and click on "My Documents" (or "Documents" in Windows 7 and Vista).

Double-click on the "Turbo Lister Backup" folder. This is the default location for database backups.

Right-click on the desired database backups and select "Delete" to delete them.

Open Turbo Lister. Click on "Start," mouse over "All Programs," click on "eBay," then click on "Turbo Lister" (or "Turbo Lister 2").

Click to open the "File" menu, then select "Restore Database" from the list of options.

Click on the "Browse" button, then navigate to the location of your backed up Turbo Lister database files (default is the "My Documents" folder), select the desired database backup file (.tla or .tlb) and click "Open."

Click "Next," then choose your restoration options. You can choose to either "Add backup items to the user" or "Delete existing items for this user and replace with backup items." If desired, you can also check the box for "replace current user preferences with backup preferences."

Click "Restore." Your listings will now be restored to Turbo Lister. Click "Close" to exit the restoration confirmation page.

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