How to find out how much a used moped is worth

Updated March 23, 2017

If you have a moped collecting dust in your basement or garage, it may be time to sell. Finding out how much your moped is worth isn't difficult, as long as you have a place to access the Internet. Once you find your type of moped, you can easily find a fair and balanced value for your motorised bike.

Find the exact name of your bike. There is usually a company name, and then a model name, just like cars.

Visit the Moped Army website. This page houses thousands of mopeds and their owners. Here, you will easily find your moped's value.

Input your moped's model number into and eBay search. This will also get you a pretty good idea of what they are selling for. Look at a few different listings, just to make sure that the price is a good one.

Visit the Kelley Blue Book for newer types of scooters and mopeds. When you enter your moped's model in this site, it will give you a used and new value for your moped. Their prices do tend to be more expensive than the actual market value, however, so don't expect to get as much as the Blue Book is saying.


It helps to check several websites, to make sure that the value is correct. This will help you decide a fair price for your moped.

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