How to Scrap a Car in Germany

scrap heap image by hazel proudlove from

There are times when a car gets to the point where there is nothing you can do but bring it to the scrap yard. Even quality German cars need to be scrapped eventually, but scrapping a car in Germany is a little different from scrapping one in the United States.

Find a German scrap yard by looking in a German phone book for an "Autoverwertung," or junk yard. One scrap yard is Schindelar, which has locations in the Munich area.

Call the scrap yard and set up an appointment for the car to be taken.

Decide if you want to bring the car to the scrap yard yourself or if you want it to be picked up. Make an appointment if you want it picked up. Hook up the trailer to your workable car and load the scrap car on it if you want to bring it yourself.

Pay the scrap yard. Scrapping your car is not free in Germany. It costs about €60, according to a forum of people who want to scrap cars in Germany on Toytown Germany's website.

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