The Power of Attorney to Sell a Vehicle

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Many people prefer to gain added profit from selling their vehicle in a private sale rather than take a diminished trade-in value. If your schedule does not allow you to be available to potential buyers, you may wish to consider giving someone you trust the power of attorney to sell your vehicle.


A power of attorney gives the grantee the legal right to act on behalf of the granter. In this case, it specifically allows the grantee to perform all the functions necessary for the sale of the granter's vehicle, including negotiating the deal and signing the granter's name to all necessary documents.


In order to give someone power of attorney to sell a vehicle, you must complete a limited or special power of attorney document that will include your name as the granter and the person to whom you are giving the power of attorney as the grantee. You must specify the limited nature of the power of attorney and must sign the document in front of a notary.


The benefit to giving someone a power of attorney to sell a vehicle is that you can allow the grantee to handle the entire sale from start to finish without the need for you to be present. This is especially useful in the event you are planning to be away on vacation or business.