How to Tie a Magic Wrap Skirt

Updated February 21, 2017

The Magic Wrap Skirt is a double-layered skirt made of silk and sari material from India. There are over 1,000 different fabric designs and various lengths ranging from the extra-short mini skirt to extra-long. You can tie the Magic Wrap skirt in different ways to convert it into various dresses, tops, shawls and skirts. Tying the Magic Wrap skirt is fairly easy to do with instructions. The style you want to achieve will determine how you will tie the skirt.

Hold the Magic Wrap Skirt in front of you.

Wrap the Magic Wrap Skirt completely around your waist.

Insert one of the straps into the loop hole and tie the two straps together on the side of your hip.

Wrap the Magic Wrap Skirt around you directly underneath your chest, bringing the straps around the front and tying them underneath your chest.

Take the top layer of the Magic Wrap Skirt and lift it up separately from the bottom layer. Pull the top layer of the skirt up over your chest to form the top of the dress.

Tie the two ends of the top layer of the Magic Wrap Skirt together in the back securely in a knot to finish the dress.

Place the Magic Wrap Skirt over your shoulders behind your neck and tie the straps together around your neck loosely.

Pull the straps underneath your arms and behind you, tying them together behind your lower back.

Take the top layer of the Magic Wrap Skirt and tie the two ends of it together in a knot in the front.

Things You'll Need

  • Magic Wrap Skirt
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