How to make a mobile phone forward all text messages

Updated April 17, 2017

Forwarding text messages from your cell phone to other phones and devices provides great convenience. However, you may wish to set up your phone to forward these messages automatically. Fortunately, you can synchronise text messages among your cell phones, terrestrial phones, computers and other devices with automatic forwarding through an online third-party client.

Create a new account with a third-party text message management client such as Google Voice, which is free to use. There is a link in the Resources section.

Set up your cell phone to synchronise with the online client. Create a new online number that you may use through your cell phone if necessary.

Add the numbers to additional phones. These numbers will automatically receive forwarded text messages when you receive them on your cell phone.

Add additional accounts if you prefer. Google Voice, for example, allows you to forward text messages to your e-mail inbox.

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