How to Start an Online Music Promotion Company

Music enthusiasts who'd like to break into the music industry can effectively use the Internet to pursue their goals. You don't have to compete with dozens of hopeful applicants for a chance the few coveted positions offered by record labels and music distribution companies anymore. If you possess a few primary web skills you can use social networking communities and a basic website to start an online music promotion company of your own.

Design your website. For online music promotion a functional website is an absolute necessity before launching your business. MySpace alone won't cut it. If you're not computer savvy with web-development hire a web designer to help. Choose a catchy and memorable domain name relevant to your brand name or services. Add tabs, categories and page titles such as Artist Bios, Music, Videos, Merchandise, Events. To neatly organise your services, music and clients within the site.

Make a list of services. Decide what types of services your company will offer online and create a pricing method. Consider time spent on each task--such as uploading music and videos, creating press releases, maintaining musician's web-profiles, publishing interviews or publicising concerts and events--and establish what the charge for each service will be. Consider creating Artist's Package Deals; that include all services--or combinations thereof--for a flat monthly fee.

Create an online network. Two main components of online music promotion are music and audience. Search for musicians in need of your services by participating in discussions on music related websites, blogs and forums. Find band and artist pages on sites like MySpace Music, Facebook and ReverbNation. Make a list of artists to offer your services to. Simultaneously, build your audience by making note of the friends and fans you find on each potential client's profile.

Introduce your company; make contact. Send an introduction letter to each contact on your list of potential clients and fans. A brief and friendly rundown of what you are offering with a link to your website should suffice. Compose a press release announcing your new music promotion company and host it with distribution agencies such as or to gain more exposure. Add a link to your press release to introduction letter.

Collect client material. Upon receiving new clients, request all digital versions of your client's videos, music, mp3s, photographs, reviews, events calendars and photos or descriptions of any applicable items of merchandise. If your clients have music related awards or online recognitions request links to their achievements to add to your web content.

Add your music and videos. By now you should have a good idea of how to navigate through your site--or are working with a web developer--and you can start uploading your mp3s, artwork and videos. Strategically place the items to correspond with the text content on your pages and arrange items in a manner that's pleasing to the viewer.

Make your music shareable. The easiest way to boost your promotional efforts is to let your audience help you. When people find things they like--particularly music--they are naturally inclined to share it. Create widgets and generate html codes for your music and videos and make them available for viewers to copy and paste to their own websites and social networking profiles.

Take advantage of social networking sites. Online communities like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can be used as extremely effective music marketing tools to boost your success as an online music promoter. Create profiles to as many as you can find, add relevant content--including your widgets and html codes--collect friends; and remain as active as possible on these networks. To increase your popularity link all of your network profiles to each other and your website for easy sharing.


Create a mailing list to e-mail interested web users who may not participate in social networks to update them on current promotions. Research search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to increase your site's search engine ranking to attract more visitors. Selling ad space on your site can generate additional revenue.


Never spam your audience. Repetitive or overdone promotions, comments and links can result in suspended or deleted accounts.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • Domain name
  • Website
  • Digital music files
  • Videos
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