How to Burn Napster Tracks to CD

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The Napster music service lets you download copyright protected songs through their subscription service, or buy the tracks in MP3 format if you want to actually own them. After purchasing the songs, they don't have to stay on your computer.

Music files bought through Napster are available to be transferred to an MP3 player or saved to a blank disc if you want to listen to the songs on a CD player. The simplest way to burn Napster tracks to CD is to use the file burning software included with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Put a blank writable CD in your computer's rewritable disc drive. Wait for the "What do you want Windows to do?" window to appear on the screen and click the "Burn Files to Disc" link.

Enter the name you want to use to identify the CD in the "Burn a Disc" text box. Click the button labelled "Show formatting options."

Choose the "Mastered" radio button and select "Next" to open a blank window. Navigate to the "Start" menu and click "Computer." Navigate to the folder where your purchased Napster MP3s are saved.

Click the specific file you want to burn and drag it into the blank disc's window. Repeat the process with any other files or folders.

Choose the "Burn to Disc" option at the left end of the blank disc's window. Remove the disc from your computer's drive after the tracks finish burning. Label the top of the disc with a permanent marker.