How to Convert SVQ to MIDI

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SVQ is a proprietary file format used by Roland, a manufacturer of digital music instruments, to record MIDI sequences. Although the equipment can usually convert the file to a standard MIDI format internally, users who do not own the proper equipment might find themselves struggling with an unreadable SVQ file that they downloaded or were given by a friend. Although not many programs can read SVQ, there are software packages available that can convert them.

Download and install Awave Studio from (see Resources). This program is free on a trial basis, but you must purchase it if you want to use it past a certain date. The program also supports a long list of other obscure or proprietary file formats.

Open the SVQ file in Awave Studio.

Save the file as a MIDI. Note that the program will not correctly convert instrument data; you may end up with a MIDI file with nothing but classical piano.

Edit the instruments to match the original SVQ file, and save the file again.

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