How can I submit a demo to Columbia Records?

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A demo or extended play, EP, is a brief recording, often four to seven songs, that showcases an artist's or group's musical talent. Submitting a demo to Columbia Records, or any other major record label, usually is the first step in creating a successful career in the music industry. While many hopeful singers and would-be bands submit their demos each year, only the best of the best are set aside for a second listen.

Record several tracks for your demo. The tracks that you choose should illustrate your capability as an artist or a band. Include tracks that are catchy and relatively brief. Including a 10-minute ballad as the first track on your demo is a sure way to get it skipped over. Though the production value of your demo does not have to be high, the resulting recording should be of listenable quality that is free of distortion, hissing or other audible scratching.

Mark your demo with the copyright symbol, the name of the copyright owner and the year it was created. When you create an original work, you automatically own the copyright in the UK, but you can also post it to yourself (special delivery) and leave it unopened if you want additional protection (this doesn't prove it's yours, but can be used as supporting evidence in court if necessary). Refer to the Intellectual Property Office website for information regarding copyright.

Provide Columbia with a press kit, which includes background information about yourself or the band. Include a cover letter that briefly explains your intention as an artist. Explain what type of musical genres you are most comfortable playing and what type of production you hope to be signed for, such as single-song contracts or film soundtracks.

Include a track listing and lyric sheet. This adds greater coherence to the submitted music and acquaints the listeners at Columbia with your writing style.

Send the polished demo, cover letter, copyright information and lyric sheet directly to Columbia headquarters. Contact information is listed on the website listed in the Resources section.

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