How to Donate Beanie Babies to Charity

Updated February 21, 2017

Beanie Babies are small stuffed animals that many people used to collect. The value of Beanie Babies has dropped significantly since its peak, but Beanie Babies are still popular among some collectors. You can donate Beanie Babies to charity to help ensure that your favourite non-profit organisation benefits from your stuffed animals. You can even donate Beanie Babies to the military to give to children in war-torn countries.

Clean your Beanie Babies according to the manufacturer's directions, which you should find on the tag attached to your Beanie Babies stuffed animal. Some Beanie Babies are OK to throw into the laundry machine for a cleaning. However, other Beanie Babies with certain embellishments require you spot clean only.

Sort through all of your Beanie Babies. Separate all of your Beanie Babies that present a defect. For example, if your pet dog ate the leg off of one of your Beanie Babies, there's no need to donate it. The charity of your choice prefers not to have Beanie Babies in poor condition.

Find a place to donate your Beanie Babies. The Salvation Army and Goodwill are two organisations who happily accept stuffed animal donations. Other good options include your local children's hospital, battered women's shelters and fire brigades. You might also consider donating to Beanies for Baghdad, a non-profit that sends Beanie Babies to U.S. soldiers at war (see Resources). Soldiers can pass these Beanie Babies on to kids in the war-torn country.

Organise your Beanie Babies so they're neat when you donate them. Placing all of them in a box helps ensure none of them are lost in transit between your house and the non-profit's storage shelves.

Donate your Beanie Babies according to your charity's preference. The charity you choose may ask that you mail your Beanie Babies in or drop them off in person. They may even send someone to pick them up.

Ask for a receipt if you want to write off your Beanie Babies donation on your taxes.

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