How to donate maternity clothes

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Donating your gently used maternity clothes is a great way to assist pregnant women in need in your community. You can donate your maternity items to a pregnancy resource centre, a church, a consignment shop or even directly to an individual by posting information about your donation online.

Donate to a non-profit pregnancy resource centre in your area. Most cities and towns --- even small ones --- have at least one facility of this kind that accepts donations in the form of maternity clothing, baby clothing and baby gear. These donations are then provided directly to pregnant women in need. Many low-income women rely on pregnancy resource centres throughout their entire pregnancy, so facilities generally accept clothing of all sizes, often even non-maternity wear.

Donate maternity clothing to a church. Many churches, especially Catholic churches, collect maternity wear (and baby clothes and supplies) to directly provide to women in the community who cannot afford to purchase their own clothes during pregnancy. Sometimes churches collect these items on behalf of a pregnancy resource centre.

Donate to a thrift store chain such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. These two stores operate as non-profits and money from store sales is donated to charitable causes. Low-income women can find inexpensive maternity wear by shopping at these kinds of stores.

Donate by posting your maternity wear on Craigslist or When someone responds, you can arrange a pickup or drop-off on your own terms. Often it is best to meet the person in a public place such as a busy grocery store car park during the day, so that you do not have to disclose your address or travel anywhere that might not be safe.

Donate to a resale or consignment company that makes charitable donations. Reborn Maternity, for instance, donates approximately 30% of the price for which clothes sell to a charity that you support. Thus, your contribution helps charities in need and also helps pregnant women to find affordable maternity clothing.