How to Feed & Care for an American Bulldog Puppy

Updated March 23, 2017

The remake of the popular movie "Homeward Bound" made the American Bulldog famous and popular as an energetic and loving house pet. The breed more than lives up to its reputation as both protector and adoring companion. American Bulldogs are extremely athletic and love physical exercise. They make great agility partners and excel in the obedience ring as well. When given proper care, your American Bulldog puppy will provide you with a devoted and happy relationship that will last for many years.

Keep your puppy indoors except when he needs to relieve himself. American Bulldogs are short-coated and not equipped to withstand severe temperatures. Walk your American Bulldog on a leash for daily exercise or to his designated "potty" area, unless you have a fenced-in yard. For his protection, never let your dog run loose.

Choose a high-quality puppy food for your growing American Bulldog puppy. Always offer him the same food. Unlike people, dogs do not do well with a varied menu. Giving them different foods will upset their digestive system, and sometimes make them throw up their food. Puppies have very small stomachs and cannot eat an entire day's worth of food in one sitting. Feed puppies from four to eight weeks old four times per day. For very young puppies just starting to eat solid foods, prepare a mush of warm water and dry food. Gradually use less water for firmer food until the puppy can eat hard kibble. Only give a puppy as much wet food as he can consume in a half hour to avoid spoilage. From eight weeks to one year, feed your American Bulldog puppy as much as he can eat in a half hour at least twice per day. After one year, you can switch him to a single feeding daily or leave dry food out for him all day. Feed him puppy food until he is at least one year old.

Buy a sturdy dog crate that is the appropriate size for a full-grown American Bulldog so your puppy can grow into it. Put your puppy into his crate whenever you are not able to watch him. Remove him every two to four hours during the day and take him to the designated "potty" area. Praise him when he goes where he should. Put him in his crate at night. For puppies under eight weeks old, give them one "potty" time in the middle of the night. Puppies over eight weeks old can usually make it until morning. Do not delay their break time in the morning---eight hours is a long time for a young dog. Never keep your puppy or adult dog in his crate for more than eight to nine hours without a break. Keep an eye on your puppy when he is out and playing. Watch for sniffing and searching behaviour. Immediately take your puppy to his designated "potty" area and praise him for doing his job.

Take your American Bulldog puppy to the veterinarian as soon as possible when you first bring him home. A thorough checkup will ensure he gets started on the right foot and has all the beginning inoculations he needs to stay healthy. Adhere to the schedule for vaccines your veterinarian prescribes. Diseases like distemper and leptospirosis are much more severe in young puppies and are often deadly. Vaccinations begin at five weeks, and puppies are given boosters at 6, 9, 12 and 15 weeks. Get your American Bulldog puppy's vaccine booster every year after that at his yearly checkup.

Things You'll Need

  • Leash or fenced-in yard
  • Puppy food
  • Dog crate
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