How to Train a Jackabee Puppy

jack russel terrier image by sandra zuerlein from

Jackabees, an interesting mix between jack russell terriers and beagles, are becoming one of the most popular "designer dogs" among pet owners. Combining the friendliness of the beagle, along with the energy of a jack russell, jackabees are typically sociable and outgoing.

However, every dog has its undesirable behaviour, and this could include a beagle's barking and the jack russell's extremely hyper personality. However, with proper training, you can keep your jackabee puppy's unflattering traits in check.

Walk your jackabee puppy at least once a day. Jack russell terriers are one of the most energetic breeds of dogs and without that daily release of energy, you will have a puppy who is frustrated and will likely turn its exuberance into destructive behaviour. A jackabee who is exercised daily typically has a calm mind and in turn, you will have a calm, or at least calmer, dog.

Keep your jackabee puppy in a crate when you are not available to provide supervision. Beagles have extremely strong chewing instincts. Placing your jackabee puppy in a crate can help to deter the behaviour when you are not there to stop it. In addition, give the puppy plenty of toys that are acceptable to chew. This will provide an outlet for that instinct, but in a way that is on your terms.

Place the jackabee puppy in the crate when you are not home or are sleeping, as a means of potty-training. Most dogs do not want to soil their resting areas; therefore, if you keep yours in the crate, it will likely deter it from doing so. Take your jackabee outside to eliminate immediately upon releasing it from the crate and establish a routine in which you take it outside at the same times every day. Reward your jackabee puppy's good behaviour with plenty of treats and affection.

Pull your hand away from your jackabee puppy and say "no" if it bites you. Many jackabee puppies are nippy and if not corrected, this behaviour can follow them into adulthood. Never allow your jackabee puppy to chew on or bite you---allowing this behaviour just once is enough to reinforce it. If your puppy continues to nip after you've pulled away, walk away from the dog and discontinue play for the time being. When you play again and the jackabee pup doesn't nip, reward that behaviour.

Place your dog's stool or hot sauce in areas in which it digs. Beagles are notorious diggers and that trait may be passed onto the jackabee puppy. The smell of the stool, along with the burning sensation of the hot sauce is usually enough to discourage your jackabee puppy from digging. However, you should provide an area in which the puppy is allowed to dig. Bury a toy or treat for the first few weeks in that designated area to encourage the puppy to dig in that spot.