How to stop bichon frise barking

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Dog barking can be an annoying and difficult habit to break in your Bichon frise dog. Because of how high-pitched their bark can be, it can often cause headaches and annoy your neighbours. On top of this, there is no direct way to tell your dog to stop barking because it will not understand you. Bichon frise dogs are infamous for their tendency to bark in short yelps. However, you can do something to stop this annoying bark.

Get several small-sized treats that you can have access to easily if your Bichon frise starts barking. These should be small, bite-sized treats that the dog can smell easily. A strong, bacon-scented treat will work the best.

Wait for your dog to start barking. When it does start barking, present it with one of the treats and issue a command like "stop barking." Since the Bichon Frise cannot bark and sniff simultaneously, it will instinctively stop barking to sniff the treat. However, doing this once will not be enough to break the dog's habit entirely.

Continue doing this for several days to several weeks. Bichon frise dogs are some of the most vocal with their barking, so it may take longer than this. However, eventually, they will learn the command to stop barking and will do so without a treat reward. Do not get frustrated with the dog. Outrage or violence can set it back in its training. Be calm when offering the treat, and praise it when it stops barking.

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