How to Design a Lime Green Room

Lime green is a decorating colour that looks attractive by itself but is even better paired with other colour combinations. It's also versatile. For example, it can either create a fanciful room for a little girl---think lime green and pink---or a sophisticated apartment when the colour is paired with burgundy and black. The key to using lime green in a room's design is to bring out the colour by using different coloured accents. Because these colours provide contrast to the colour, it seems to be greener without becoming overpowering.

Determine the look you want to emulate using lime green as a decor element. Different colour combinations with lime green give different looks--for example, lime green was a popular colour in both the Art Deco and atomic ages but to very different effects. (See resources for lime green 50s era atomic age colour combo.) Knowing what you want ahead of time will help you as you shop for accessories for your room.

Find a focal point for your lime green room. You can choose a retro-style green couch. Or consider painting a large area like the one around your fireplace lime green.

Think about your paint and wallpaper colours. Green is a strong colour, so often it's best to paint only one or two walls with lime green. The other option is to choose a wall paper that features lime green but balances it out with other accent colours.

Consider whether you want an all-green carpet, a neutral carpet or one with a green pattern. In rooms like dressing rooms with a lot of mirrors, having too much of one colour affects your reflection; for example, the colour on the walls will cause a green cast on your skin in the mirror. You may want to shy away from having both lime green walls and flooring if you're going to do your make-up in this room.

Pull the look of the room together by getting window shades that complement your wall or floor choices. For example, if you've decided on using a lime green patterned carpet and have found similarly patterned shades, consider bringing them into the same space.

Create a visually interesting contrast by choosing items like pictures and mirrors with bright pink, burgundy or black ceramic frames.

Enhance the room further with accessories. Include items like pillows, blankets and artsy and colourful floral vases. These can either be in coloured solid lime green or include the green plus the accent colours.

Go for lime green tiles on the walls or on the floor if the room you've opted to colour lime green is a kitchen or bathroom.

Things You'll Need

  • Lime green paint
  • Paint supplies
  • Lime green wall paper
  • Lime green carpet or rug
  • Window covering
  • Mirror
  • Framed pictures
  • Throw blankets
  • Pillows
  • Coffee table
  • Accessories
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