How to Use a Razor Comb

A razor comb, usually the choice to cut baby's hair, is a simple comb with razors that cut your hair at a texturised angle. Cutting your hair with a razor comb is a lot safer and easier than cutting with scissors because scissors can easily cut off more than you originally wanted. Also, scissors cut a blunt cut that does not help your hair in the long run.

Start with the razor comb placed right above the place you want to be shortened.

Comb in the direction of hair growth, meaning comb down. The blade on the comb will cut as it comes in contact with the hair. Do not force the comb. Lightly comb down the hairline. Comb the hair several times so that all of the hairs get cut.

Comb the hair straight up as well. Instead of combing down, you can lift your hair and comb up. This can be used for the back of the hair, but mainly for the front of the hair. Combing up will allow you to avoid cutting your forehead.

Cut your hair until you are satisfied with the length, then clean your razor comb.

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