How to Stop Swimming Pools From Turning Hair & Clothes Green

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Strong chlorine in swimming pools can turn natural or unnatural blonde hair green and even bleach clothing. Although you can not stop swimming pools from ruining your hair, there are a few things that you can do to prevent this from happening. For absolute prevention, check your chlorine levels daily. Not only will this help your hair stay blonde all summer long, but will also ensure that there are no harmful bacterias in the water. When your water's under control, getting your hair and clothing back to normal is easy.

Prevent your hair from turning green in the first place. Soak your hair with unchlorinated water before you get into the pool every time. You hair follicles are like sponges; once they've soaked in the clean water, it will hard for the chlorine to penetrate the follicles. Also, spray a spray-in conditioner onto your hair and leave it in. This will also provide a protective coating to prevent chlorine saturation.

Wear a swim cap, which will help prevent the chlorine from soaking into your hair.

Apply lemon juice to your hair if it has already been tinted green. Slice a whole lemon in half using a kitchen knife. Squeeze the juice from both lemon halves into a small bowl. Wash your hair in the shower with shampoo as normal. Pour the juice onto your hair and massage it in. Leave the juice in for five minutes before rinsing it out. This is great for everyday use for natural blondes (if can even bring out blonder highlights). For dyed blondes, only use this method once every other week as to not strip away your blonde highlights.

Wash your clothes and/or swimming costumes that have been tinted green in the washing machine. Use the normal amount of washing powder you would normally use, but add one cup of baking soda to the wash as well. The baking soda will help to reduce the green tint in your clothes. To prevent this from happening, only wear swimming costumes into the pool because they're made to withstand chlorinated water. Regular clothes can be bleached in a chlorine pool.

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