How to Adjust Eye Frames

Updated March 23, 2017

Adjusting your eyeglasses to feel more comfortable on your face or to better position the centre of the lenses over your pupils can be done at home or taken into your local eyeglass vendor for a fitting. The vendor may adjust them free of charge if they are recently purchased or charge you a small fitting fee. The adjustment parts on your glasses are small and easily breakable if you are not careful; small precise adjustments should be made to achieve your desired result.

Stand in front of a mirror and look straight ahead of you. Position the glasses on your face so the centres of your eyeglass lenses are located directly in front of your eyes. Note the position of the frame on your nose as this will be the desired result after your adjustment to have the frames permanently sit properly in place.

Adjust the nose pads on your glasses to reposition them on your nose. Tightening the nose pads will bring the glasses further up on your nose and loosening them will allow them to settle further down. Make tiny adjustments carefully. The pads are attached only by small arms that are welded to the eye frame and can easily break. If there are no nose pads, proceed directly to the next step.

Adjust the temple tips of your glasses if they are plastic by running the tips beneath hot water for 20 seconds to make them more malleable. The temple tips are the pieces that are positioned over your ears on your glasses. Make adjustments and then run the temple tip under cold water to firm the new position in place. Follow the steps below for both metal and plastic frames after you have prepped your glasses.

If the frames are too low on your face, bend the temple tips so the ends of your glasses are positioned in more of a straight horizontal position. You may need to go further up the temple arm towards the bend in the tip to adjust them if this does not fix them in the proper place. Use small, gentle adjustments on the tips to avoid breakage.

If the frames are too high on the nose, bend the temple tips gently downwards so they are less horizontally positioned, and more in a downward angle. You may wish to adjust closer to the temple bend for more severe adjustments.

Adjust glasses that are too loose by bending the temples inward, towards the head. If they are too tight, bend them away from the head.

Fix glasses that pinch your head by making a small outward bow in the middle of the temple on your glasses. This will keep them in place over your ears while allowing more room for the side of your head.

Fix the problem of uneven glasses by raising the temple on the side where they are higher or lowering the side where they are lower. Only make the bend in the temple itself, do not bend any of the hinges on the glasses. Uneven glasses are usually caused by one ear being higher than the other on your head.


Try not to adjust your glasses frequently, as this can wear the frame material and make it more susceptible to breakage.


You may also use a blow dryer over plastic temples to loosen them, but never over-warm them; this could cause the plastic to bubble or buckle and ruin your glasses.

Things You'll Need

  • Mirror
  • Hot water (plastic glasses)
  • Blow dryer (optional)
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