How to Tell a Knock Off Ralph Lauren Purse

When searching for the perfect handbag, your attention might be snagged by a luxurious Ralph Lauren purse with a cheap price tag. Beware of what you're purchasing, though; it may just be a clever replica. While deals can be found on Ralph Lauren bags, some of them are mere copycats. Be careful who you purchase from, and examine the bag carefully before you commit to buy. You don't want to pay top dollar for a bag that isn't even the real thing.

Examine the tags. A real Ralph Lauren handbag does not have authentic tags hanging off the handles in a plastic tag holder. True Lauren purses will have a tag slipped inside the bag along with a control number and authenticity guarantee. A tag on the outside, especially an official Ralph Lauren tag, is a red flag that the purse is a knock-off.

Look at the stitching on the handles. Authentic Ralph Lauren bags are expensive because of the workmanship that goes into them. Uneven stitching or stitching that is coming unravelled is a sign of a knock-off.

Consider the price of the bag you are thinking about purchasing. A true Ralph Lauren purse can run anywhere from £260 to more than £9,750. If the bag you're looking at seems like a steal at more than 30 per cent off retail, you may want to question whether it is the real thing.

Know the dealers for Ralph Lauren. Most are high-end department stores, but you can occasionally find Lauren merchandise in discount stores like Ross, Marshalls or T.J. Maxx. If purchasing from a different store, ask to see the store's reseller's license for Ralph Lauren purses. If the store doesn't have one, you have no guarantee that the purse is real.

Understand that there is more than one brand under Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren is the premium line for the fashion house, but you can find cheaper alternatives, including Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph and Lauren. You can find less-expensive purses that are not knock-offs, but simply different alternatives. You can still find these at department stores and discount stores, but not private sellers.

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