How to Remove Casio Watch Band Links

Written by kristan hart | 13/05/2017
How to Remove Casio Watch Band Links
How to remove links from your Casio watchband. (brkic87/stock.xchng)

Casio watchbands come with a predetermined number of links in them. You can add or remove links as necessary to make the Casio watchband fit comfortably for you. However, you don't have to be a jeweller to remove Casio watch band links. When you learn how to remove Casio watch band links, you can take care of this project on your own in less than an hour.

Press down on the pin that connects the clasp to the watchband.

Remove the clasp from the band.

Pull the pin out of the watchband. Place it aside in a safe location so you can retrieve it later. A small sleeve will slide off the end of the watchband when you remove the pin.

Notice the additional pin previously hidden by the sleeve. Remove that pin to remove a retainer and the first link on the watchband.

Slide links off the watchband by removing each respective pin and retainer until you achieve the desired length of watchband.

Work on both sides of the watchband so there is an even number of links between the face of your watch and the clasp. Working only on one side will cause the watch to sit off-centre on your wrist.

Replace the pin and the retainer once the watchband is the length you want.

Attach the sleeve and the first pin you set aside to the clasp to complete the project.

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