How to Scan a Double-Sided Multipage Document with a Single-Sided Scanner Using Microsoft Office Document Imaging

Updated July 20, 2017

Microsoft Office Document Imaging includes a Document Scanning application that can scan documents to a computer. If you don't have a scanner with an automatic document feeder that automatically flips pages to scan each side, you can use the Document Scanning application to scan a multiple-page document with two sides on each page to a single document file on your computer. The application automatically places each page in the correct order in the scanned file. Office Document Imaging isn't included with Microsoft Office 2010 and newer versions of Office.

Click "Start," "All Programs," "Microsoft Office," "Microsoft Office Tools" and select "Microsoft Office Document Scanning." If the Microsoft Office Document Scanning window is already open, click the File menu and select "Scan New Document."

Click the "Use Automatic Document Feeder" if the single-sided scanner has an automatic document feeder, which automatically feeds each sheet of the document into the scanner.

Click the "Original Is Double-sided" check box in the Scan New Document window.

Place the first page of the document into the scanner with the first side of the page facedown. If you have an automatic document feeder, place the entire document into the feeder such that the scanner scans the front side of each page first.

Click the "Scan" button to start scanning the first side.

Flip the pages over and place them in the document feeder after the application finishes scanning the first side of the document, then click "Scan Side 2." If you don't have an automatic document feeder, the scan dialogue reappears after each page scan, directing you to flip the page or place a new page in the scanner.

Click "Done" after the application finishes scanning the second side.


If you don't see the Microsoft Office Document Scanning shortcut in the Start menu, you can install it by clicking your installed version of Office in the Add or Remove Programs control panel, clicking "Change," "Add or Remove Features," "Continue," expanding the "Office Tools" category, clicking "Microsoft Document Imaging," selecting "Run All From Computer" in the menu and clicking "Continue."

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