How to Build an Electronic Drum Rack

Updated July 19, 2017

Electronic drums offer a practical solution to many problems that acoustic drums present. Acoustic drums can be bulky, loud and require constant maintenance to keep them functional. By comparison, electronic pads are compact, can be used with headphones and require no day-to-day upkeep. The light weight of electronic drums means that a custom rack can be built from cheap and readily available materials.

Slide two figure-eight mounts onto a 60-cm length of pipe, positioning them 15cm from either end. Take one of the clamped pipes and form a 60-by-40-cm rectangular frame, using a second, unclamped 60-cm pipe, and a pair of 40-cm ones, joined with the 90-degree fittings. Repeat this with the other clamped pipe, giving you two rectangular frames, each with a pair of clamps along one edge.

Slide a 60-cm pipe into the open loops on the figure-8 clamps and add a 90-degree fitting to each end, then repeat on the other rectangle. Join the open ends of the fittings using the two remaining lengths of 60-cm pipe. The finished shape is similar to a "gatefold" record sleeve. A 60-by-60-cm square, with a pair of 60-by-40-cm rectangles clamped to opposing edges. Loosen the bolts on the clamps to fold the smaller side frames into the central square frame for storage or transport.

Stand the rack up, angling the side frames in at about 45 degrees to create a three-panel console that surrounds your drum-stool in a trapezoid shape. Tighten the clamp bolts to lock the side frames into position. Clamp the electronic drum mounts from your kit to the pipes, determining the best position for each one, and remember to reserve a space for the drum control module. If the drum mounts slip at all, wrap a length of grip tape around the pipe and fit the mount over the top.


The clamp bolts can be replaced with quick-release cam bolts if desired, allowing you to break down and set up your kit much faster.

Things You'll Need

  • Eight 60-cm length PVC pipes, 5-cm diameter
  • Four 40-cm length PVC pipes, 5-cm diameter
  • Four figure-eight tube clamps (parallel tube clamps)
  • 12 elbow connectors (90 degrees) for 5-cm pipe
  • Mounting fixtures from electronic drum set
  • Sports grip tape (optional)
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