How to convert a knitting pattern to a crochet pattern

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Most knitting instructions are easy to convert. You only need to know a few basic stitch conversions to change your favorite knitting pattern into your favorite crochet pattern.

Use a crochet hook to make a gauged sample. Change the size of hook until you reach the needed gauge to complete the project.

Change the knit gauge to the crochet gauge by exchanging the stitches listed in the following steps.

Make a copy of your pattern and pencil in the crochet stitches to use above the knitting ones.

Chain stitch the number of cast-on stitches or the number needed to reach the needed gauge.

Convert one row of knit and one row of purl (or two rows of knit) to one row of single crochet.

Substitute one row of half-double crochet for three rows of knitting (or for k1, p1, k1).

Crochet one row of double crochet to replace one row of knit, one row of purl, one row of knit, and one row of purl.

Change six rows of stockinette to one row of treble crochet.

Periodically check the gauge to make sure you are staying in the correct measurement.

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