How to Clean Out Your Lungs

Written by frank dioso | 13/05/2017

Your lungs are the most important organ of the respiratory system. They function by bringing in and distributing oxygen throughout your body. Everyday, your lungs continuously filter out environmental pollutants such as allergens, dust, smoke and microorganisms that can cause damage to your lungs. The following herbal remedies can effectively clean out your lungs.

Consume mullein tablets. The mullein herb contains expectorant and cough-suppressant compounds that clean out your lungs preventing respiratory illnesses. Take one 290 mg tablet twice daily.

Take ginger root capsules. Ginger is comprised of a potent compound called 6-ginerol which can heal your lungs by helping them expel excess mucous and toxins. The recommended dosage is two 550 mg capsules twice daily. You can also add ginger to your food for maximum benefit.

Take thyme leaf capsules. The active ingredient in this herb is thymol. It heals your lungs by disinfecting your air passages while relaxing your bronchial tubes. The recommended dosage is two 425 mg capsules.

Eat fresh garlic. The active ingredient in garlic is called allcin. It powerfully heals lung ailments such as flu, colds and numerous other lung conditions. Crush one bulb of fresh raw garlic in a blender (careful not to pur�e) and drink with two glasses of water.

Take slippery elm bark tablets. This herb contains complex polysaccharides that can heal your lungs by preventing your mucous membranes from drying up. It also sooths any itchiness in your throat. Take two 500 mg once a day, preferably before meals.


  • Talk to your physician before trying herbal remedies.

Tips and Warnings

  • Talk to your physician before trying herbal remedies.


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