Hey, it's Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert here answering the question: can you connect your DVD player to your computer? Well, the answer is yes! Absolutely. Basically anything that has an input or an output can be translated to talk to your computer. Now, once you do that, you might have to have a program inside of it that recognizes that type of feed. So if you're going to connect the DVD to your computer, most likely you're going to be copying home movies, or preparing to edit something. So some of your basic uh edit programs are going to have protocols to accept that. So if you're using Final Cut Express, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, using uh, Ado Adobe Premiere Elements, iMovies we said, all those programs have the ability to input because, gosh golly jeepers! What good's an editing program if you don't have video footage to edit? And up until only the last couple years, even professional and consumer have they released some hard drive terrific cameras, meaning that when you record it, you're recording it on to something that's already a digital language and format, like Quicktime and so forth. Now what you'll need is a translator, or and what we call a break out box or a movie box like this one here from Pinnacle. And what it does, as you'll see on both sides here, it has your component inputs, your S-video inputs, or your fire wire inputs. So with a DVD player, what you would do is you would take your video and audio lines, plug it into this side over here and then over here, you'd have your fire wire that goes into the computer. These are available, inexpensively anywhere from fifty dollars to a hundred dollars at your local big box electronics retailer. Just tell 'em your tryin' to dub movies from V, DVD players to your computer. I'm Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert, and I need no conversion to stream you later!