How to Spot Fake Designer Bags

Updated April 17, 2017

Designer bags can cost a pretty penny so you certainly don't want to be duped into buying a fake one. Due to the high value of designer bags, knock offs are being created daily. In fact, the fake designer bags industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Don't let yourself get tricked. Here's how to spot fake designer bags.

Examine the bag's material. If the fabric feels flimsy or the leather feels inauthentic, then it is likely made from cheaper substitute materials.

Smell the bag if it is leather. Authentic leather has a distinct smell to it. If the bag doesn't have this smell and is supposed to be leather, be suspect. If the bag's leather is shiny and hard, it may be fake. Designer bags usually feature leather that is high-quality and soft.

Look at the bag's hardware. Designer bags feature very high-quality zippers, buckles and clasps. If the hardware appears to be cheap or flimsy, it may be fake. Most designer bags also feature the brand's imprint on the zipper pull. Confirm that it is there.

Check the manufacturing location on the tag. If the location is different than where you know the designer bags to be made, you know you're dealing with a knock off.

Check the brand name and logo on the bag. Confirm that the spelling, type face and spacing are correct. Fake designer bags often feature some variation, giving themselves away as fakes.

Look closely at the bag's inner lining. Designer bags feature linings that are high quality. Fake bags often skimp on linings, featuring ones that are thin and poorly made. Examine the stitching on the lining. If it is fraying or poorly sewn, it is likely a fake bag.

Know the going price for the designer purse you are looking to buy. Designer bags are rarely offered at significant discounts so if the price seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Purchase designer bags from authorised sellers. Most often, authorised sellers are upscale boutiques and department stores. Always get a receipt with your purchase and confirm the store's return policy if you need to use it.


Check out designer bags' websites. Many sites feature tips on spotting fake versions of their bags.

If you are purchasing a designer purse on an online auction site, make sure to fully review the feedback of the seller. If he has a history of selling fake bags, chances are the one you're looking to buy is fake too.


Never purchase designer bags from street vendors. The bags they are selling are usually fake.

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