Fireman Cake Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Give the fireman or firewoman in your life a special surprise with a fireman cake. These cakes can represent the fire, the entire fire brigade or a special organisation. These cakes can be created yourself or ordered from a special bakery to help you organise your edible gift.

Fire Truck

The fire truck cake works for children and adults alike. This cake can be 3D in style meaning a carved fire truck out of cake or lay flat on a surface. Ensure you colour the fire truck to match the trucks used at the fire brigade you are representing (some companies use red, yellow or black for their trucks). Add inedible plastic cake accents such as fire extinguishers, firefighter figurines, dogs and hoses or make them from fondant.

Burning Building

Creating a building burning from cake can leave room for a little creativity. These cakes can be created in on tier or multiple tiers depending on the amount of servings you need. Cover cakes in fondant brickwork using a brick-pattern roller and red fondant and create flames using piping gel and airbrushed fondant in orange, yellow and red shades. A burning building can be created using square, round or sheet cakes. Create a 3D standing building from different layers of cake for a more realistic look and finish it off with dry ice effects placed in the centre of the cake.

Helmet Cake

The helmet is very important to every fireman. Not only does this protect firefighters when they are fighting fires, but it is a sentimental piece of equipment that firefighters will keep even after retirement. Creating a helmet cake does require skills in cake carving. Start out with several layers of sheet cake stacked on top of each other and first carve out the base shape of the helmet. You will then need to slowly carve down the stack of sheet cake into the shape of a helmet. It is usually best to have a real firefighter helmet next to you as you do this. Cover the cake in fondant dyed to the appropriate helmet colour (black, yellow, red, blue or orange) and add embellishments such as a helmet shield (the name plate on the front of the helmet), reflector strips (usually in yellow or orange) and any fire brigade logos.

Sheet Cakes and Rounds

Not everyone has the time to create an elaborate 3D cake or the party simply does not warrant such an elaborate cake. A sheet cake or round can be just as representing of a fireman as a 3D cake and will not take as much time or cake decorating skill to complete. Start with a simple cake frosting in your desired base colour. Top the cake with edible or non-edible fireman figurines, fire trucks, hoses, boots and even burning buildings. Plastic firefighter cake toppers can be found online and at a variety of cake decorating shops. If you have a little extra time you can draw figures on the top of you cake such as an axe and hose, fireman's helmet or even a burning building.

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