How to Decorate Wedding Candleabras

Updated February 21, 2017

Wedding candelabra lends a romantic air to the ceremony and reception. There are two main types of candelabra: the floor stand and the table top. They can be beautifully decorated to meet any budget. Match floral decorations and ribbon with your wedding colours with white or pale-coloured candles. Silk flowers work best when you are decorating ahead for your own wedding. Decorate wedding candelabra with fresh flowers the night before the wedding.

Set candelabra up in a roomy work area or at the wedding site. If the stand height and arms display are adjustable on a floor model, decide how you wish the set-up to look. Completely adjust the stand before you begin to decorate.

Lay silk or fresh flowers out on a work table. Measure the width of the candelabra to determine how far you want the flowers to extend out. Insert wire through the receptacle of a real flower, the rounded portion of the stem just under the blossom. Bend wire down next to the stem and floral tape the stem and both sides of the wire. Floral tape stems of two or three silk or wired fresh flowers at a time to make one long piece.

Hold the first taped flower stems against the candelabra and wrap wire around them to fasten them to the candelabra. Continue to tape and secure more flowers to the arms of the candelabra. Cover the bottom of the previous stems with the blossoms of the next stems you are adding on to the piece. Be sure they are well out of reach of the candle flames.

Cut a 14 to 20-inch piece of the ribbon. Tie a knot in the centre of it.

Pull ribbon from the spool. Pinch the ribbon about ten inches from the end. Make a three to four inch long loop with the ribbon.Twist the ribbon and form a loop opposite the first loop. Continue until you have six loops.

Hold the knotted ribbon against the centre of the bow in your hand. Adjust to arrange the knot at the middle of the bow. Tie the ribbon piece tightly to secure the bow. Double knot the ribbon at the back of the bow.

Cut a 30- to 40-inch piece of ribbon, lace or tulle. Place this piece at the back of the bow. Take a 20-inch piece of florist wire and loop it over the centre of the bow and the ribbon piece. Wrap the wire to hold the bow and ribbon together.

Hold the bow piece against the metal post of the candelabra. Wrap the wire around the post and wrap it tightly to the stand to secure the bow in place. Step back and observe the decorated candelabra. Trim the ribbon tails at an angle. One tail of ribbon can flow down the stand longer than the other or you can trim them evenly.

Fill in with more flowers if needed. Unwrap candles if they are packaged in plastic. Firmly secure the candles in the holders.


Table-top candelabra may have a rounded receptacle to place flowers into. You can omit ribbon from a candelabra display. Discuss with church or venue caretaker if candelabra can be used at their building.


Keep all materials away from lit candles. Choose safe, no-drip, no-smoke candles to meet safety measures. Use extreme caution when setting up candelabra. Do not place them near open windows, curtains or church drapery. Do not have a wedding party member stand near the candelabra during the ceremony.

Things You'll Need

  • Candles (dripless)
  • Silk or fresh flowers
  • Floral tape
  • Florist wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Ribbon (3 inches or wider, 10 yards or more)
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