How to Write an Invitation Letter to a Music Performance

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Invite friends, family, professors and other special guests to a musical performance through a well-written invitation letter. Sending invitations in the mail is a formal, elegant touch to your event. Add a coordinating envelope, even one in a unique colour, so that your correspondence stands out in a stack of mail. Weave a ribbon through the edge of the invitation letter for an extra touch of class. Incorporate a CD sampler of the musician if available. This provides your guest with a sneak peak of the show ahead.

Prepare a draft of your letter before using your high-quality paper. You can prepare your draft by handwriting it on scrap paper or by using your word processor.

Type or write your personal address in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Include your telephone number and e-mail, as well as the details of your traditional mailing address. Write your salutation, such as "Dear Mr. Smith." Always keep your salutation formal when sending any correspondence for a special event via postal mail. Living in a digital age, many invitations are sent via e-card or e-mail, a less formal method of communication. Keeping all aspects of postal mail invitations formal is best.

Write the introductory paragraph. In this paragraph state that on behalf of the particular music organisation or the musician, you are inviting the recipient of the letter to a special musical performance. Communicate in two to three sentences the purpose of the event. If the performance is a convocation performance, state this. Perhaps it is a retirement gala for a musician or a launch event for a new piece of work by local artists. Tell the recipient why the event is important to you, your family or your organisation.

Give the event details in a new, separate paragraph. State the event's location, date and time. Note the dress code for the event. Receptions are frequently held after musical performances. Provide the location, date and time of any reception event following the performance.

Type or print your final paragraph. Thank the prospective guest for her time and mention that you hope to see her at the show. If you are requiring guests R.S.V.P., provide an R.S.V.P. card and include a postage-paid envelope in the invitation letter. Although less formal, you can also provide an e-mail or telephone number as a method of responding to an invitation.

Rewrite the letter on high quality paper using your best pen. Alternatively, insert the high quality paper in your printer and open your word processor. Type your letter. Sign the letter, again using a high quality pen.

Add a final touch by incorporating complementary coloured ribbon. Cut holes for the ribbon with a paper punch. Weave the ribbon through the holes. Tie a knot at either end of the ribbon, securing it in position.

Print a label or hand write the name of the addressee. Affix postage and send. Collect RSVP responses in a spreadsheet or book dedicated to the event.

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