How to Arrange a Wedding Blessing

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Many couples who choose marry in a civil wedding ceremony still enjoy the idea of having their union blessed by a member of the clergy. Others who have been married for awhile may choose to obtain a blessing on their anniversary, before or after the birth of a child, or when they reunite after a period of separation.

Arranging for a marriage blessing, no matter what your reasons, requires much less time and effort than arranging an actual wedding, and adds a spiritual touch to your occasion.

Choose a date, time and location for your wedding blessing. Schedule your blessing for a few hours after your wedding ceremony to allow time for one event to end before the other begins. Holding your wedding blessing on another day when no conflicting events are scheduled may create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Contact the individual of your choice, ask for his participation and check his availability. Many priests, ministers and pastors are booked months in advance, so it's always best to call early to reserve the date you want.

Ask whether or not proof of your marriage in the form of a marriage certificate is required in order to receive a wedding blessing.

Determine whether your wedding blessing will be a special moment between just the two of you, or whether you will ask family and friends to attend as well.

Prepare any special poems or readings that you want included in your wedding blessing, and obtain the prior approval of the officiant who will perform the blessing.