How to track airplane flights

Updated March 21, 2017

With weather conditions and air traffic having a significant influence on flight schedules, it is important to track flight and airport information before heading to the airport or planning an important trip. Thanks to Web tracking services and automated systems set up by airlines and airports, users have several options for tracking a flight. While these tracking services vary, there are a few basic search tips that can help you find your flight and monitor schedule changes in minutes.

Contact the issuing airline, departure airline city or arrival airline city. Provide your name and/or the flight number, reservation or ticket number, departure and arrival city information, suggested arrival time with departure and arrival city name, and aircraft type and flight number. You may use an automated phone tracking service if available, log on to the airline or airport website or call the customer service number printed on the ticket.

Use a free Web flight tracking service. WebTrax is a free flight tracking service that is available to users in search of flight numbers, arrival city information, departure airport information and other airline information. The service allows users to customise each flight search according to specific details about the flight and track future flight changes. For example, users can use the service to determine if an approaching flight is subject to concellation or changes in itinerary. Other free Web flight tracking services are available as well including Flight Aware, FlyteComm and Yahoo! Travel.

Use a live tracking system. The Flight Aware flight tracking system allows users to perform and monitor live tracking searches for commercial flights. To start the program, enter a flight (tail number, identifier or airline name and number) into the system. Browsing suggestions include airport information, operator information or aircraft type. For example, users can search for a flight into "Houston Hobby (KHOU)," a flight operated by "JetBlue (JBU)" or a flight taken on a specific aircraft type such as "Cirrus SR20/SR22."

Use the Yahoo! flight tracker system. To start, choose an airline and enter your flight number. If this information is unavailable, enter the departure and arrival city information as well as the date and time of the flight. Click "Find My Flight." Review the flight information and track changes online without leaving the Yahoo! site.

Use the Port Authority of the arrival city. For example, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey provides airline flight status notification as well as airport status information. Log on to the official website and click on "Commuting and Travelling." Next, click "Notifications," "Airport Status" or other option related to the Port Authority's flight tracking service. These options will vary by Port Authority and some website features may be different.


Always verify flight information before completing a aeroplane tracking service.

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