How to make elastic bracelets

Elastic bracelets are a great way to begin jewellery making. If you've ever thought that you might enjoy making jewellery but have been reluctant to try it, learn how to make elastic bracelets first. These bracelets are simple and fast and look beautiful when they are finished.

One of the things that makes these bracelets an excellent first project is that there are no hardware or clasps to worry about. All that is necessary is to string your pretty beads onto a length of elastic and tie the elastic cording together securely when you are finished. Even children could successfully make elastic bracelets.

Measure around your wrist to determine the length of your elastic bracelet. Add two inches to this measurement.

Cut the elastic cording to the measurement taken in Step 1.

Lay out your beads to plan your design. Swap beads around to see how the bracelet would look with different bead arrangements until you are satisfied with your design.

Begin stringing the beads onto the elastic cording.

Add beads until the bracelet is the desired length. Keep in mind that elastic stretches. You want your bracelet to have to stretch slightly to go over your hand and onto your wrist. Don't make it too tight or too loose.

Knot the elastic cording ends when you are satisfied with the bracelet length. Lay the ends of the cording so they meet each other. Tie the first half of the knot by tying the left cord over the right cord. Tie the second half of the knot by tying the right cord over the left cord to complete a square knot. Pull the square knot tight.

Trim the ends of the cording 1/2 inch from the square knot and conceal the ends by tucking them into the neighbouring beads to finish the bracelet.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Elastic cording
  • Scissors
  • Beads (2 to 4 mm size)
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